Ask Hugh Loney about his work and sometimes he'll smile and shrug his shoulders, as bemused as anyone else. Sure, there are recurring themes and imagery and he knows what some of it relates to. But, explain them all?
Besides, this is someone who enjoys hearing what others have to say. He is genuinely interested to know what the rest of us make of it.
A strong thread runs through much of the early work: the crosses (frequently in groups of three); birds with vulnerable, spindly legs; standing stones; clown-like characters; suggestions of roads that might go on forever and endless mountains to climb; circles; and outlines of jigsaw pieces.
Those circles and jigsaw pieces provide stronger clues than most and hint that he has been trying to piece together and make a clearer picture of his own life - and understand what it is that makes him tick as a member of the human race.
Loney is no more fragile and haunted by demons than any of us.
But, he is doing something about it; trying to make himself a stronger person with a greater understanding of the world - and mankind. A spiritual person he most certainly is, drawing inner strength and calm from meditation and contemplation. What makes him more fascinating than most is that he is compelled to paint - driven, sometimes like a man possessed.
When inspiration takes a hold of him, there can be frantic bursts of energy, some almost channelled from “out there” and much sourced from deep inside. They are marathon sessions with no rest taken until the charge subsides and, exhausted, he retires to close his eyes and dream about the next encounter. Here you will find examples of his work ranging from those early beginnings some twenty years ago to the present day.

Several of the pieces shown are in private collections but drawings, rubbings, prints and paintings from most periods are available to purchase, including a range of his most recent work.